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About Currency Research

The team at Currency Research (CR) were pleased to extend our scope of initiatives beyond currency, where we have focused for the last 25 years, to the broader area of payments. As with currency, our focus in payments is on the needs of the Central Bank. CR supports the central bank’s efforts as an operator, overseer, and/or catalyst for a robust, safe, and secure payment system, and we organize this conference to bring the important players together to discuss the most pertinent issues to help meet the central banks’ objectives.

We were excited to meet a whole new industry and happy to forge new and long-lasting friendships like those we have enjoyed in currency. With 120 delegates from 65+ organizations attending the inaugural conference, we are confident they enjoyed the conference and gained significant benefit from their attendance.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in Singapore for the next Conference from 25 - 27 June 2018.

About Currency Research

Currency Research (CR) is an international organization that believes education and communication are fundamental to growth and innovation within any industry.

Through our Consulting, Communications, Community, and Conference services, we have successfully positioned ourselves as the leading global resource for central banks, their suppliers, and the related supply chain for currency and payment systems.

By means of these initiatives, we foster efficient, secure, and optimal cash production, handling, and usage, while supporting citizens' right to Cash as a viable payment option. Equally important, we support the central bank’s efforts as an operator, overseer, and/or catalyst for a robust, safe, and secure payment system.

Our core initiatives, conferences and seminars, focus on these two essential functions within central bank payment systems – currency and central bank payments. We bring together the key stakeholders for these functions to discuss the most relevant issues, share ideas, learn, and network in a unique and engaging atmosphere. We encourage progress and innovation for the benefit of the industry.

CR is dedicated to all aspects of the currency function and central bank payments and has undertaken research and consulting projects to promote a deeper understanding of industry issues and to equip industry stakeholders with the most up-to-date information on trends, strategies, solutions, services, and technologies.

We aim to choose event locations that offer delegates from all parts of the world a fair and equal chance to attend our conferences and be represented within the industry. With over 25 years of experience organizing conferences and seminars, CR achieves a fine balance between atmosphere, education, business opportunity, social inclusion, and providing a memorable experience.

The CR team is located in various countries across the globe, with offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We have a combined total of over 250 years of participation and experience in the currency industry, and we use this experience to organize quality Conferences, Communication opportunities, Community enterprise initiatives, and to provide Consultancy services.

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