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Feedback from the 2017 Conference

"It was a very interesting experience from a central bank perspective. The topics were very current ones and panel discussions where very professional and helpful on understanding in deep terms the respective issues raised." Bank of Albania

The Highlight? "To meet other Central Bankers from all over the world." Deutsche Bundesbank

"Great opportunity for getting in touch with up to date work of other NCB colleagues and gaining ideas for changes in local environment." Bank of Slovenia

"I felt the conference was excellent. I was particularly impressed with the quality and seniority of speakers and attendees; the compactness and intimacy of the event; the opportunities to network and the openness and willingness of all to do so." CGI

"I found the conference to be very informative. It had a great mixture of developed economies, [the] experience of developing countries presenting and representation on the panels. Topics were very relevant to issue[s] being faced by all jurisdictions in terms of payments, especially on the technologies that are changing the payments landscape. Moreover, I found the conference particularly useful for networking and learning from the experience of other attendees." Central Bank of Seychelles

PLEASE NOTE: This conference was closed to media and off-record.

2018 Keynote Speaker

Benoît Coeuré
Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank and Chairman of the CPMI

2018 Keynote Speaker

Jacqueline Loh
Deputy Managing Director at the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Chair of the Markets Committee

2018 Keynote Speaker

Paul Stoddart
CEO, Vocalink